Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shopaholic Rehab: Make a List, Check It Twice

One of the biggest issues shopaholics like myself have is impulse buying. Seeing an object you didn't know existed that you now desperately need is pretty much a daily occurrence for me. I've found that my closet fills up with items I don't really wear often while pieces I truly need never get purchased. In fact, I looked back to my Things to Buy Before I Hit 30 post and I haven't gotten A SINGLE THING! With the deadline less than a month away, and a new car in my driveway, I'm pretty sure I won't get anything and that's ok. But this is a good wake-up call!

Because sticking to a shopping list helps you stay focused and prevents buying yet another pair of black booties that are 70% off and how could anyone resist that?? Sure, it's ok to stray a little, but I really need to do a better job of buying what I need! So, without further ado...

Things Vyqué Actually Needs to Buy!
  • Still need an Hermes scarf
  • Still need some Lanvin ballet flats
  • Still need a Burberry trench
  • A fitted vest
  • A designer suit tailored to fit perfectly
  • A pair of knee high boots with a stacked heel
  • A pair of nude pumps that perfectly match my skin tone
  • Leather shorts... oh yes, they will be mine soon!
  • More silken jersey blouses
  • A super soft leather tee
Hmm, I can't think of anything else right now. On the plus side, credit card is 45.1% paid off, not bad considering it was around 13% paid off last time I did a shopaholic rehab post... last year!


brandi said...

hey there! i read your article on IFB today about not being a professional blogger... it was a great read! anyways, i noticed you want a pair of leather shorts. i just came across a pair at anthro last week & they are to die for! they're a bit pricey, but you could always wait for them to hit sale.


Vyque said...

ooo, thanks!

WendyB said...

Don't forget all the WendyB jewelry you NEEEEEEEEED! ;-)