Friday, April 29, 2011

Striped Boucle Blazer

Striped Boucle BlazerMan, this week has been very slack blogging-wise! I blame a sudden wedding panic, will one of you please offer planning services pro bono?? Anyhoo, I wrote about nautical striped blazers a bit ago and this one has a similar fee! This one is particularly interesting since it's woven boucle - adds an uptown twist! Buy at Zappos for $233.

Aztec Print Halter Bikini

Aztec Print Halter BikiniI love Mara Hoffman's prints, and this Aztec one is no exception!! I also require bottoms to have tie sides to prevent muffin top, but since I have a curvier shape I like more support up top. Usually tie side bottoms are paired with triangle tops but this has a halter top - win! Buy at Net-A-Porter for $195 - that sounded expensive to me until I realized that would be $47.50 for the tops and bottoms each and I've def spent that much before!

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

I'm pretty happy that she went with Sarah Burton, who was Alexander McQueen's right hand woman and took over the brand after he passed last year. Very grand and with the lace on top reminiscent of Grace Kelly's dress, I think it's a great dress (though mine certainly tops it :P ). I'm so glad the generic strapless style brides were all wearing is going out of fashion!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cropped Olive Jacket

I have a serious thing for Mike Gonzalez jackets, this is the second one I've loved this spring! This one almost looks like a cropped anorak... I may have to buy this on the first of May on my shopping budget resets ;) Find at Shop Twigs for the sale price of $194.

Tribal Linen Pants

These Sass & Bide linen-blend pants have the most amazing tribal print!!! Luckily they don't have my size, otherwise I'd be sorely tempted. Buy at Far Fetch for $287.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Style Challenge: Petite Girl in a Midi Skirt

So this week I've been all about midi skirts. As a simultaneously proud 5'1 petite and covetous of tall people girl, I try to ignore them but secretly look upon them with awe. Well no more, I will crack this nut!!! Tah dah!! Here I am in a midi skirt, and I'm pretty sure I'm rocking it! Following my own advice, the skirt doesn't fall too far below my knees, I'm wearing a form-fitting top, and my heels somewhat blend into my legs!
I'm wearing: Reba skirt, Necessary Objects top, necklace from Urban Outfitters, Colin Stuart heels, bangles from ideeli, clutch from ShopBop and sunglasses by Tom Ford.
Whew, not only did I wear a midi skirt, but I also posted pics of myself in bare arms! I have an intense hatred of my super muscular yet thick looking upper arms... thick to me at least :P

Star Knee Tights

These tights remind me of the ones in the Rachel Antonoff presentation for fall 2011 - amazing!! Buy at ModCloth for $28, I'm sure they'll sell out soon!

Check Out Della

Della is a line of fashionable bags and accessories, meeting vegan standards, that are hand-made from fabrics purchased locally in Ghana, and constructed by seamstresses in the village of Hohoe. Della is a for-profit company dedicated to empowering women through business. The seamstresses are not only employed for competitive wages, but are given free trade training, and are enrolled in educational programs in micro-financing, developing savings, and the art of entrepreneurship.The above is quoted from their press release, sorry, I'm way lazy!! BUT, the pieces speak for themselves - could you not die over the clutches?? You can buy straight from their site, but soon you should be able to buy lots of their cute pieces at ModCloth as well!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Links à la Mode Tech: Time To Think Mobile

Time To Think Mobile
Edited by Vyque of Fasshonaburu

Anyone else feel like their lives have begun to revolve more and more about mobile technology? While I still can’t travel without my netbook, I can’t go even an hour without at least one of my smartphones within arm’s reach! So it didn’t surprise me when I read Miss Viki’s post on the prediction that “by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.”

As a full-time new media professional, I had heard this before, but I hadn’t really considered how this would affect my blogging. Until I started using the iPad, I never once checked how my site rendered outside a computer or considered blogging from my phone! But as more and more users start accessing content while on the go, it’s important to remember to think mobile!!

LINKS À LA MODE: TECH – April 26th

Leather Blouse

I love all things leather, particularly pieces that would otherwise be a bit girly/preppy like this blouse! Yes, it's definitely expensive, but it's currently on sale for $383 at Saks Fifth Avenue - still pricy but about what I would expect to pay!

Snakeskin Pumps

Snakeskin PumpsThese snakeskin pumps perfectly balance the fabrication's natural sex appeal and a polished silhouette! Coming in ivory, white, black or tan (I wonder how closely that would match my skin tone...) you can buy at Lord & Taylor for the sale price of $60!

Inspiration Board: Styling a Midi Skirt

Yesterday I posted a midi skirt and I realized that 99% of women probably find the whole concept way daunting! I mean, a skirt that cuts you off in the calf region is not naturally flattering. But you don't need legs for days to rock the look, there are just a few things you need to consider!

Inspiration Board: Midi Skirts
  • Find a skirt that hits just below the knee. The higher on the calf it falls, the better!
  • Wear heels! Nude platform pumps without too many straps and whatnot. Remember that straps will cut you off more and you want to elongate your legs!
  • Wear a form fitting top tucked in. You don't need skin tight, but you should try to emphasize you shape, particularly that you have a waist. So throw a belt on for good measure.
Please note my tips are not requirements, just advice to provide yourself with the most flattering look possible. Feel free to do all or go to the opposite extreme by pairing the skirt with a poncho, oxfords and socks!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chambray Mid-Length Skirt

Chambray Mid-Length SkirtSkirts that fall below the knee can be extremely tough to pull off. Try to look for simple shapes that aren't too full, and definitely pair with heels and a form-fitting top! This chambray skirt looks pretty promising and costs just $58 at American Apparel.

Thistle Print Top

Thistle Print TopI've recently realized that 90% of my tops are solid colors and that I need to get more prints in my wardrobe! This one is quite tempting, dont you love the oversized thistle print? Buy at French Connection for $98.

Straw Fedora

Straw FedoraOverall I'm sick of all summer hats being made of straw, but I really like the feather accent on this hat! Buy at DKNY for $35.

Silk Army Shirtdress

Silk Army ShirtdressNot interested in girly, sun dresses? This silk army green shirtdress is probably just your style! Extra bonus - you could wear it unbuttoned over a tank and cut offs for a super cute look! Buy at Luv Charlie for the sale price of $160.

Fused Rings

Fused RingsLove the look of these rings, almost organic feeling! Plus we all know I can never resist silver and gold together! Buy at Smashing Darling for $150 each.

Japan Love Tee

Japan Love TeeAnother tee you can buy to help out Japan! 100% of the profits from the sale of this limited-edition tee will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society, and I can see this seling out pretty quickly. So pre-order now at Madewell for $25.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Using Windows 7 to Blog

Many months ago I was loaned a mini ASUS laptop with Windows 7 by Microsoft. I must say I do not look forward to giving it back!! I think my favorite feature has to be Snap, which lets you pin application in windows to the sides or top of the desktop. I can drag a window to the top of the desktop and it instantly goes full screen, drag it to the side and it instantly fills half the screen so I can see two windows side-by-side. It’s really handy particularly if you’re writing and need to pull content from a website, which I need to do all the time!I also heart Windows Live Essentials! As a full-time social media expert I'm way into the Facebook integration and now that I'm traveling almost every month I couldn't get enough of the face to face chatting, which integrates Messenger with your webcam!

Finally - I just adore the photo features! Fuse especially - you can pick the best parts of pictures and combine them into one. No more taking 100 outfit pictures to get one good shot, woot!

Be sure to check out the Windows Experience Blog which has tips and surprising insights that will help make your life more efficient!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Etsy Store: Dear Golden

Dear Golden is the latest Etsy store to catch my eye! Pages and pages of pretty vintage pieces - oh my!With items from the 1920's up to the 1970's, there are some amazing gems hidden away here! And more than half the current pieces are under $50 - what a steal! I'm seriously about to buy this pastel floral hat... it's in my cart, do I check out...??
Anyhoo, definitely check out this store, new items are added daily and it's obvious the buyer has taste and an eye for quality!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

White Jeans

Everyone talks about how they need white denim for summer. I imagine I would destroy a pair of white pants in one wearing, but I must say they would be great to pair with some tribal print or striped tops for a fresh, light look! This Rock & Republic pair retails for $195, is on sale for $129 at Last Call NM and is on EXTRA sale today for about $90!

Poncho-Style Button Down

This military-esque button down gets an injection of style with a fishtail, poncho silhouette and cut out shoulders! Definitely check out all the pictures at Mikkat Market, just one doesn't do it justice! Best of all, it's only $35!!

Tribal Drawings Linen Jacket

I'm a bit leery of the quality of a Forever 21 jacket (will the seams split from my man shoulders?? is it even lined??!?), but I really love this print! I will have to check it out in-store, though if I only wear it three times before it falls apart it would still be worth its $30 price tag! Thats just $10 a wearing!)

H&M Conscious Collection

H&M has introduced the Conscious Collection – The collection which is for women, men and children is made from enviromentally – adapted and greener materials such as organic cotton, Tencel and recycled polyester.
In various shades of white (is Summer White as awesome as Winter White?), the pieces are romantic and floaty, featuring lots of Broderie Anglaise (Googled: Type of French embroidery, reminds me of eyelet), lace and a few minimal pieces. Some of my favorite items are above - I must have that Grecian dress!As I mentioned before, there are menswear and children's clothing as well! Everything is H&M affordable (you know, in the $50 to $125 range) and in stores now! Go forth and buy to wear for Earth Day this Friday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr Martens Launches Clothing

Who didn't have a pair of Docs growing up in the "Reality Bites" grunge generation?? The brand is still iconic, but I admit not very top of my mind in the past few years. In a bit to possibly stay relevant, Dr Martens has launched clothing for men and women!Extremely difficult to find on the site (some are under Accessories some not, but right now all are under New Arrivals), the pieces are very basic utilitarian. Shirt dresses for women, tees for men, I'm not really impressed with their slim offerings. If you're a huge brand launching new offerings, you really want to make a bigger splash, don't you think? But I did see some of their new shoes and went, "Ooo, cute." This possibly was their plan all along.

Metallic Stripe Bikini

And I need to somehow lose the five lbs I gained this winter before it's swimsuit season - ahhhhh! Maybe I can motivate myself with a fabulous but expensive swimsuit as a reward? This one is shiny, has a great art deco style and would look amazing with a tan! Buy at Barney's for $205.

Lace Satchel

Lace SatchelA lace satchel purse!!!!! I lurves it!!! It's a touch boho, but I desperately need more unique fabrications in my handbags. Buy at Need Supply for $68.

Inspiration Board: Styling Flatforms

So I recently got a pair of flatforms and got a little stuck on how to wear them! I posted my flatform outfit yesterday, which I was happy with, but not insanely thrilled with. I decided to look up pictures of how other people styled them, but since affordable pairs have only just come out most of what I found were from runway shows and editorials.

I've decided if you want to go all Man Repeller, you CAN wear socks with flatforms, but it is definitely man repelling! The same with mid-calf skirts that are currently trying to make a come back. They do look cute with skinny ankle pants and knee-length or long skirts, though a long skirt runs the risk of hiding the shoes - oh noes! I think I'll stick mostly to full mini skirts and small shorts, which are definitely the most flattering way to wear the shoes, though perhaps I'll let myself get daring at times; it all depends on where you are!

Leopard Print Platform Wedges

Leopard Print Platform WedgesI am going a week without posting any flatforms!! So here are some chic wedge sandals, don't you love? Buy at Alice + Olivia for $245.

Beaded Front Draped Dress

Beaded Front Draped DressLove the bright pink contrasted with the white beading on this Tibi dress! And the beadwork itself is quite fab - so pretty! Buy at Bloomingdale's for the sale price of $292.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Style Challenge: Flatforms

I officially own a pair of flatforms!! I know they look a little silly, but that's actually what I like about them! The Mr calls me Short Round when I wear them because it looks like I have boxes strapped to me feet, ahahah.I think if I could have gone to Coachella (or any summer music festival!), I would wear an outfit like this. The dress is a super soft, loose jersey, so I don't sacrifice comfort while still standing out in a sea of cut offs. It's funny, it used to be a weirdly long length, hitting me around mid-shin. I never wore it because it looked like a nightgown, so I just chopped it off to mini length and now it's one of my favorites! Then it's all about accessorizing! I have the flatforms and the dress came with the wide belt, but I knew I needed more. I grabbed my purple sude purse (love purple and teal together!), my distressed denim jacket, my dad's old Wayfarers and, the cherry on top, a sequined nude scarf! I thought about wearing a necklace and scarf, but I wussed out - should I have worn both??
I'm wearing: Dress with belt by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Rick Owens Slab jacket from ideeli, Jeffrey Campbell flatforms from SoleStruck, Coach purse a gift from my sister, vintage Wayfarers stolen from my dad, Vampire Diana ring by Wendy Brandes, sequin scarf from J. Crew.

Contrast-Trim Button Blouse

Very classic and preppy - a style I rarely post but this blouse has a pretty awesome twist! Plus I'm sure it would look less Muffy when not paired with what appears to be a tennis skirt. Buy at Neiman Marcus for $255

Ethnic Print Slit Maxi Skirt

Ethnic Print Slit Maxi SkirtyMaxi skirts, particularly with thigh-high slits, are a must buy for summer! This one has a beautiful print, which would look great paired with a printed top - extra fashion points! Buy at ShopBop for $143.

Sequin Pocket Tee

Sequin Pocket TeeOooo, I wanted to post this Son of John tee a few weeks ago, but it was sold out - looks like more came in! Buy at Saks Fifth Avenue for $115.

Ruched Yellow Top

Ruched Yellow TopI definitely need more interesting tops. I have lots of fabulous skirts, amazing dresses, enough pants, but I never can find a fun top in my closet! This would be a cute and work with lots of my lower half separates, but at Nasty Gal for $95.

Silver Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs are a fun and unusual way to rock some bling! This one is very dangly, which would look great with hair worn loose and a touch wavy! Buy at Boutique to You for $62.

Matthew Williamson for Impulse

I don't think I was fully aware that Macy's had a designer collaboration brand called Impulse. But I did know one of my favorite designers was going to do a collection with them, and so I'm very excited to check out Matthew Williamson for Impulse!All the pieces have that jet set, boho style Matthew Williamson is known for! Very Studio 54 meets French Rivera in my opinion. Perfect right now, since 70s glam is currently chic, his pieces have a touch of sophistication needed to really make non-hippie boho work.
Prices range from $59 to $299 for a leather jacket, and everything is available in-store and online! Looks like the fab, printed maxi dress is sold out online, but perhaps you can still find it at a store near you?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Machu Picchu Taupe and Black Shorts

Machu Picchu Taupe and Black ShortsLoving print shorts right now! The taupe and black geometric print of these is quite lovely, and the flounces that tie in the front add subtle dimension. Buy at Lulu*s for $28.

Maxi Army Vest

Maxi coats were a surprising trend for fall that I really loved, but you can get the look now with a maxi vest! I may love maxi vests even more than maxi coats - feels very Mad Maxx to me! Buy this one for $128 at Free People.

Nude Lace Blouse

Nude Lace BlouseLace blouses are so cute, and this one by Equipment has a particularly nice pattern! Originally $198, it's on sale for $99 at Madison LA.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Circle Raffia Purse

Circle Raffia PurseI enjoy the look of circle purses, but they're a bit of a novelty for me - not something I would spend big bucks on! Luckily this one costs tiny bucks, buy at Nine West for $39!