Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr Martens Launches Clothing

Who didn't have a pair of Docs growing up in the "Reality Bites" grunge generation?? The brand is still iconic, but I admit not very top of my mind in the past few years. In a bit to possibly stay relevant, Dr Martens has launched clothing for men and women!Extremely difficult to find on the site (some are under Accessories some not, but right now all are under New Arrivals), the pieces are very basic utilitarian. Shirt dresses for women, tees for men, I'm not really impressed with their slim offerings. If you're a huge brand launching new offerings, you really want to make a bigger splash, don't you think? But I did see some of their new shoes and went, "Ooo, cute." This possibly was their plan all along.


The Budget Babe said...

my biggest fashion regret was giving away my bronze docs from the 90s. not sure i'll wear their clothing line but happy to see it!