Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inspiration Board: Styling Flatforms

So I recently got a pair of flatforms and got a little stuck on how to wear them! I posted my flatform outfit yesterday, which I was happy with, but not insanely thrilled with. I decided to look up pictures of how other people styled them, but since affordable pairs have only just come out most of what I found were from runway shows and editorials.

I've decided if you want to go all Man Repeller, you CAN wear socks with flatforms, but it is definitely man repelling! The same with mid-calf skirts that are currently trying to make a come back. They do look cute with skinny ankle pants and knee-length or long skirts, though a long skirt runs the risk of hiding the shoes - oh noes! I think I'll stick mostly to full mini skirts and small shorts, which are definitely the most flattering way to wear the shoes, though perhaps I'll let myself get daring at times; it all depends on where you are!