Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Style Challenge: Petite Girl in a Midi Skirt

So this week I've been all about midi skirts. As a simultaneously proud 5'1 petite and covetous of tall people girl, I try to ignore them but secretly look upon them with awe. Well no more, I will crack this nut!!! Tah dah!! Here I am in a midi skirt, and I'm pretty sure I'm rocking it! Following my own advice, the skirt doesn't fall too far below my knees, I'm wearing a form-fitting top, and my heels somewhat blend into my legs!
I'm wearing: Reba skirt, Necessary Objects top, necklace from Urban Outfitters, Colin Stuart heels, bangles from ideeli, clutch from ShopBop and sunglasses by Tom Ford.
Whew, not only did I wear a midi skirt, but I also posted pics of myself in bare arms! I have an intense hatred of my super muscular yet thick looking upper arms... thick to me at least :P


OnTheRacks said...

Rocking it, indeed!! Love the print of that skirt and the whole outfit looks awesome on you. Adorable!

xx Laura