Friday, April 22, 2011

Using Windows 7 to Blog

Many months ago I was loaned a mini ASUS laptop with Windows 7 by Microsoft. I must say I do not look forward to giving it back!! I think my favorite feature has to be Snap, which lets you pin application in windows to the sides or top of the desktop. I can drag a window to the top of the desktop and it instantly goes full screen, drag it to the side and it instantly fills half the screen so I can see two windows side-by-side. It’s really handy particularly if you’re writing and need to pull content from a website, which I need to do all the time!I also heart Windows Live Essentials! As a full-time social media expert I'm way into the Facebook integration and now that I'm traveling almost every month I couldn't get enough of the face to face chatting, which integrates Messenger with your webcam!

Finally - I just adore the photo features! Fuse especially - you can pick the best parts of pictures and combine them into one. No more taking 100 outfit pictures to get one good shot, woot!

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