Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hammitt for True Blood Handbags

One of the bestest tv shows around, "True Blood," is coming back June 26! In celebration, there's some new handbags available for pre-orderat And not some cheap stuff with the True Blood logo thrown on - Hammit makes quality, designer things. Not that I don't love my Fantasia tee, at least wasn't $395 or more! Best of all, there's a specifc bag for Sookie, Fangtasia, Alcie, Layfayette and (swoon) Eric! Can you guess which is whose? Hover your cursor over the image to see if you're right!LafeyetteWhen you came in the air went out...
Sookie bagAnd every shadow filled up with doubt.
EricI don't know who you think you are
FangtasiaBut before the night is through...
AlcideI wanna do bad things with you.