Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Size Kerfluffle

Everyone who knows me knows that I abhor vanity sizing. I hate that my size 27 Hudson jeans fall off my hips when I'm pretty damn sure my waist is 26 inches. I hate that I'm a size 6 in Marc Jacobs and a size 000 at Chico's. I just hate being pandered to, dammit!But I need accept that vanity sizing won't be going away any time soon - it just makes too many women happy. And happy consumers means better sales! So how does a girl navigate the jungle of sizes that mean absolutely nothing in the world of online shopping?

While I was slowly compiling a spreadsheet of how many sizes up or down you need to go in every store, but it's been slow progress (possibly due to my weight fluctuating enough that I don't trust my size estimations). Luckily, technology has taken this problem into its own hands!I'd like to bring your attention to My Best Fit! A machine, similar to the body scanners now in airports, it takes the person's measurements and then matches you to the clothes in its database!! MyBestFit currently measures clothing from about 50 stores, including Levi's, Guess and Banana Republic; you get a printout of the sizes at each store that ought to fit you best. To be honest, I don't shop at most of the stores in their database (What's a Cookie Johnson?), but I'm thrilled at this idea! I believe the scan is free for customers and retailers are charged whenever they are included in the fit results - thought note they cannot pay to be included, results are based solely on fit matching.

Currently MyBestFit is in Philadelphia, and there are plans to open 13 more kiosks in malls along the East Coast and California. Would you get yourself scanned? I think my new goal is to lose 5 lbs before one opens near me!