Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Style Challenge: Tying at the Waist

I mentioned previously how I've noticed a lot of waist tie tops lately and how I thought it may be a trend for summer. But I didn't really think it was for me - not my style at all! But then I thought, hmm, why not just leave a shirt unbuttoned when you tie the bottom, and viola:I admit I still look a bit country girl, but it feels much less costumey to me! I'm wearing: LOFT green button down and silver necklace, purple H&M tank, ASOS jeans all cuffed up, wedges courtesy of Payless, rings from Banana Republic, wrap bracelet from J. Crew, earrings from Anthropologie, and Tom Ford sunglasses!
I love it when I get compliments on these shoes, because then I can tell people they're from Payless and everyone gets so excited that they can go buy their own pair!
This outfit just needed a retro-style pip up pose! This is my pathetic attempt at one :P


Midtown Girl said...

you look super cute & the wedgies are adorbs!

Summer said...

I love these Payless wedges! Actually I just bought myself two pairs last week and loved that I was able to get super cute shoes for less!

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