Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Office Chic

When you have an office job in an area like DC you will often find your clothing wrinkled and stuck to your skin the second you step outside. With the horrendous humidity, a button down and pencil skirt can be the last thing you want to put on before heading out to work.

I've also noticed that so many women in the area seem to wear the same outfits to work over and over again, no matter what the season. Sure it's good to have pieces that are versatile, but who wants to wear black when it's a sunny 95 degrees out?

So what's a fashionable career girl to do? No worries I have some tricks that will help you look office appropriate without melting!


  1. Throw a blazer on over a white lace dress
  2. Pair a chambray blouse with white bottoms
  3. Wear a fitted jacket over a maxi skirt
  4. Rock some brightly colored trousers
  5. Find a cute short sleeved blazer
Here are some pieces to help get you started:


Kalisa said...

YES! It makes me crazy when I see people in dark colors & heavy fabrics in the summertime. Makes me question their personality, consider offering a lexapro.

adriana said...

This is such great advice. I'm always looking for new ways to stay cool and comfy on my way to the office on a hot sunny day in NYC. Great looks (especially Rhianna in chambray)! Any recommendations for an add-on at work to keep from getting chilled by the AC? Thanks!