Friday, July 29, 2011

Etsy Store: Violetville Vintage

I met Violetville at an IFB event awhile back, and have adored her selection of vintage pieces ever since! And while I've posted some of her items individually, I've never highlighted her store, something I've decided to remedy today! Especially since I got nothing done as I looked through page after page of fabulous items I covet but cannot let myself buy! Like that blue tiger print skirt - OMG I WANT SO BAD!Stocking pieces from as early at the 1910's (and at least one item from the 1800s!!) and going up to the 80s, you can find something for any mood you're in! Even if that mood is "I'm a vintage pin up girl in ruffled bloomers" ;)I highly recommend bookmarking this store for all your vintage needs!!