Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My Style Challenge: Boutique Grand Opening

I mentioned before that I recently went to a vintage boutique's opening party. Full of local fashion fillies (I'm sick of the word fashionista and currently auditioning replacements), I was in a bit of a quandry of what to wear, luckily my overstuffed closet came to the resuce, with a super cute strapless dress I hadn't worn in two years!This may be the last time I wear it though. I just turned 27 for the fourth time and this dress is a bit tiny and young. It's a little depressing to have to start thinking about the age appropriateness of your clothing! What's your opinion?
I do feel hot in it! I think this is due to my hair, which I've finally come to understand is naturally wavy. Rocking that tousled look is super fun!
I'm wearing: Helen Wang butterfly print dress from Bluefly, cardigan from Anthropologie, H&M purple belt, wrap bracelets from J. Crew, silver necklace courtesy of LOFT, Foley + Corinna purse, Ecote sandals from Urban Outfitters and my dad's vintage Wayfarers.
I'm ready to go, wheee!


billie jean costume said...

nice stuff buddy looking very nice!! but you dont have any comment on the post??? what is the reason for that???

k said...

you look so cute!

Honey Badger said...

You look gorgeous & you have fabulous legs, I say keep rocking the dress age doesn't matter, just wear what looks good :)

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

Oooh girl that's a toughie because I know IRL you are cute and petite with great gams and look younger than your age. But I go by the rule that if you yourself question it, you know the answer.

Though I look at it and think how cute would it be with a band of a coordinating fabric on the bottom? Switch up the look a bit and still have an adorable summer dress! I did that with one of my old teeny cotton sundresses, got some of those 99 cent quilting fbaric packs at Joanns of the same fabric, cut them to like a 4" width, sewed together for a long band, hemmed one side and sewed it to the bottom of the dress. Easy peasy!

Vyque said...

Thanks Allie, you rock!