Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Style Challenge: Vintage Dress

Yesterday I posted on the DC Sip & Swap I attended last week - today it's what I wore! I was torn between trying to look chic and wearing an outfit for running around and trying clothes on on top of. As you can see, I went with the former as I really have no qualms stripping down to underwear in a room full of women.Old Vyqué would have worn either the super cute dress with boring neutral shoes or the super cute shoes with a chic but neutral dress - not anymore! It feels so good to be comfortable wearing to strong pieces together instead of just one per outfit.The detailing of the neckline on this dress is just too breathtaking! Not sure why my pictures look so grainy though... not enough light?
I'm still a bit of a wuss when it comes to wearing silver and gold together, but so far this year I've done pretty well breaking out of my rut! My current trick is to pair my silver stacking rings with a gold band - don't they look good together? This is a slight improvement over wanting a single piece of jewelry to have both metals together!
I'm wearing: Vintage dress from People People Vintage in Alexandria, VA, purple H&M belt, gold bangles from my dad when he visited Cambodia, silver stacking rings from Banana Republic, turquoise drop earrings a gift from my sister, turquoise ring a gift from my friend Brandy, cat eye sunglasses from Guess? bought back in high school (who has sunglasses for more than 10 years? this one!), heels courtesy of Payless.
These Isabel Toledo for Payless sandals get me compliments all the time! They're sold out, but I have seen them on eBay!