Monday, August 15, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16 - All Stars!!!

Holy cheese and crackers, this is the best news I've heard all day!! I've been watching America's Next Top Model since my college days, laughing at the silly crying girls and the insanity of Tyra Banks. With emotional outbursts and inflated egos on both sides of the judging table, it's a hot mess I love to indulge in.

So, of course, I'm thrilled to see that for cycle bazillionteen, Tyra is bring back 14 fan favorites to get a second chance at winning!

Shannon, from Cycle 1! The runner up who refused to take off her clothes, will she still be the good girl? I'm sad Tyra didn't convince Elise to come out for this.
Brittany, from Cycle 4! I don't really recall anything about her - I looked up some of her old pictures and now vaguely remember she was a brunette white girl with big eyes.
Lisa, from Cycle 5! Remember when she got drunk and hung outside on the patio, having a conversation with a bush she named Cousin It?
Camile, from Cycle 2! I remember thinking this woman was scary... "This is my signature walk and this is what 's going to make me famous"
Bree, from Cycle 5! Maybe we'll finally find out who stole her granola bars!
Bianca, from Cycle 9! She's definitely going to say something cliche like "The bitch is back!" Didn't she and the chick from "Hairspray" get into a big fight in an airport awhile back?
Dominique from Cycle 10! Another contestant I don't really remember, but I'm sure she was a diva :P
Isis from Cycle 11! Think she finally got her Mr. Isis removed???
Sheena from Cycle 11! The ghetto Asian from Harlem, she was more men's magazine than editorial.
Allison from Cycle 12! She looks like a creepy doll brought to life, and acts like one too! Dude, her eyes are HUGE!
Laura from Cycle 13! I admit her hillbilly twang and clothes made by her grandma grew on me!
Angelea from Cycle 14! Yet another ghetto girl with attitude, this one actualy spent the night in the Port Authority to make ANTM call backs! My guess is she will make Sheena, Bianca and Bree her bitches before the end.
Kayla from Cycle 15! I'm rooting for the adorable lesbian, let's all hope she's a little less afraid of modeling near men!
Alexandria from Cycle 16! Everyone hated her, though I never really knew why. It's not her fault her parents misspelt Alexandra!


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