Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspiration Board: Leather Shorts

Inspiration Board: Leather Shorts

I recently caved and got myself a great pair of leather shorts! But hmm, how should I style them? Taking my usual inspiration from personal style sites, celebrities and how stores showcase their own pieces, I think my favorite way to rock a pair of leather shorts is with a a half tucked silken blouse, wedge booties and some sort of layering piece on top, like a vest! Add in a crossbody bag and some tights when it gets cooler out, and you're good to go! Since leather has an inherent tough sex appeal, I recommend going for a slightly casual, sightly disheveled look similar to how models off duty in the meatpacking district may look! Think slouchy layers and a casual cool attitude, no bombshell corsets or stilettos needed!


Samara said...

Which leather shorts did you end up buying? I want a pair, but I've been having trouble finding the right shape and price.

Vyque said...

I actually got those Gryphon leather shorts on the right side! But for something as tricky and as expensive as leather shorts I recommend finding a pair in-store to try on. I know Madewell, J. Crew and Nordstrom should all have pairs!