Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outrage Over Lingerie Line for Girls as Young as Four

I know the headline is scandelous, I should first clarify that the line is actually considered "loungerie" - apparently that's a cross between lingerie and lounge wear. That being said, what horrible parent would put a 4-year-old in something remotely related to lingerie???Starting from the beginning, Jours Après Lunes seems to have launched a line for four to 12-year-olds features a range of panties, bras, camisoles and T-shirts with lace edges, ribboned bow detailing and nautical stripes. Ok, the above picture doesn't really bother me, it's just a girl in a tank top. Maybe this is all an upset over a word that isn't actually relevant?!*$^@%^@&
Seriously, what is this? I really debated on it I should even put this picture on my site, but I wanted people to see just how icky this whole thing is. OK, I guess any pictures of prepubescent girls in underwear can be disturbing, and I have seen girls as young as ten in bikinis on the beach.I try to approach issues like this with a level head, but I can't shake the ick factor. Until you hit 12, underwear should be functional, not shown off. Are these pieces different than the My Little Pony print underoos I had. Is it just the photography & styling? Maybe. But either way, I have to say I'm grossed out and wanted to share that feeling with all of you :P

UPDATE: Wanted to point out the the designer made some comments, which you can read all of here. Some of the points she made (translated from French) that I think you should definitely see include:

The materials of my products are used in their underwear because they are highly qualitative: cottons including value-added elasticity, of viscose soft and easy to maintain microfiber wrongly untapped sector of the child. There is no vulgar connotation: the material is totally opaque, no transparency, no lace.

About the term “Loungerie” the word coined by large firms and international style echoed by many brands and many fashion items simply means that my products are mostly opaque parts Loungewear inspired and created with materials from research in the field of lingerie. I recall that in France, the word refers to the linen industry as a whole underwear for women, including men and children. This term alone does not induce sexy concept

All pictures show children playing children’s games as we all did. If you look in detail, you will find many of them small pieces of children’s games: farm animals, dinette, doll accessories, cake timber … There is no second reading to have no vulgar connotation, the postures are not biased. There is only one interpretation: that of children playing together at all. Children do not wear heels, or nail polish or lipstick. Hairstyles are exaggerated as are the games and the world of children.
Does this change your opinion at all? I suppose if all the girls were wearing bathing suits the pictures wouldn't be considered sexual. And it's possible that Americans see sexuality in things that are innocent because we seem to see sexuality everywhere. But the pictures still rub me the wrong way... is there a right way for children to model underwear or should it just be laid flat?

And I'm sorry, but this is a total date night look:


Vivian said...

I think that "malice is in the eye of the beholder"! I mean, a child in a bikini or with that dot tank top wouldn't be outrageous, but the photographer asking her to stay in that pose for the photo, that really is! Children wouldn't act as lolitas if society doesn't want them to. This is the result of consumerism, they want children to act sexy to sell more of this kind of apparel. It's disgusting, but that's the way it is!
(Anyway, I think that it's disgusting even dressing a kid in griffe, it's on the same level for me!)

Giselle said...

i work in a very popular clothing store and they sell bikinis for toddlers every summer, and they sell.