Monday, September 12, 2011

The Epic Wedding Necklace Drama of 2011

I had a vision of my wedding dress practically before I was engaged. In fact it was so specific, I had to hire a seamstress to make it for me, as no designer came close enough to what I wanted. But I had a lot of trouble with planning out my wedding accessories. We all know I'm a jewelry novice, and figuring out what to wear on my big day was a serious plunge into "this shizz just got real."

First I considered borrowing jewelry from my fabulous jewelry designing wizard and friend, Wendy Brandes. But I quickly discovered I'm much much too afraid of turning into a demanding bridezilla who takes advantage of others. So I began searching for the perfect accessories. Some seemed to easily fall into place, earrings that my mother gave me at the bridal shower were just perfect, a set of sparkly bracelets that randomly caught my eye at CUSP managed to tie everything together.

They perfectly tie the dark silver or my headpiece and the rose gold wedding band together! Though I'm currently wondering if I should layer them with multiple other bracelets for a bridal arm party, hmmm.... But I digress.

The big problem was having with with the necklace. I didn't want some sort of dainty solitaire diamond so many brides seem to rock, but my dangly rose quartz earrings are quite large so I couldn't go too "statement" either. I tried a sparkly floral necklace, but it was just wrong with the earrings:
I continued to my search, but time was running out! And then I was browsing ShopBop and...
Ooo, perfection! This TOM BINNS necklace was exactly what I wanted: something vintage-feeling, and yet a little rock and roll! It wasn't too much, yet was certainly unique and interesting. It was a little more expensive than I wanted to spend but there were only three left so no time to hesitate!

But then, last Friday my package arrived and HORROR.
This was NOT my necklace!!! I looked at its packaging and realized it was a Dauphines of New York headband. I quickly loaded the site and saw that my necklace was officially sold out at this point, so there was no way to get another sent out to me. of At this point I had my first bride meltdown, complete with sobbing, throwing things, more sobbing, and then frantically texting my sister Alex, the maid of honor.

Alex quickly called up ShopBop's customer service and started to rant at them while I left a cranky message on their Facebook wall. To ShopBop's credit, the customer service woman was super apologetic and immediately refunded my money, and gave me a credit to boot. Unfortunately, it seems that my order and another girls had gotten switched and there would be no way to track down the necklace before the big day. So I resigned myself to having to find a new necklace, with just a week to go.

In the end I hit up three Macy's, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Cache, BCBG, Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson, and more in one afternoon. I eventually found something acceptable at Nicole Miller, but you will have to wait until my wedding pics to see it!

A day later I saw a comment on the Facebook post I left on ShopBop's wall - seems another girl also got multiple wrong items in her order. It looked like ShopBop was doing their best to help her out, but I certainly wonder if their warehouse staff needs a refresher in quality control! I won't count out ever shopping there again, but I certainly will make sure no other store sells what I want first.


k said...

:( You will look great!

DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

I can't wait to see what you picked out! Congrats! -DCGF