Friday, September 09, 2011

My Style Challenge: Fashion's Night In

So last night was the third annual Fashion's Night Out. It was my first time not in NYC, so I was a bit pouty, but relatively determined to make the best of it. My plan was to go out to Georgetown, one of the chicest neighborhoods in the city, bouncing from boutique to boutique with some fellow local blogettes!

But as hurricane rains continued to slam the area, I thought, "OK, well there's the luxury mall next to me having some events and it's all indoors. And then... half of all the highways in the area flooded. Twenty minute drives turned into two hours as commuters got stuck and major highways closed. At 8 PM every road in my area that I needed to take was red and black on Google Maps, so I threw my hands in the air and gave up. But not before I took some shots of what would have been my cute Fashion's Night Out look:

I suppose it was my Fashion's Night In look! I'm wearing: Floral Guess dress, first worn to my 8th grade graduation, Marc by Marc Jacobs shiny black blazer, Sanctuary faux fur vest, shooties by Belle by Sigerson Morrison, purple Cambridge Satchel, necklace courtesy of Last Call NM, two Juicy Couture bracelets and pearl bracelet from mom on right wrist, J. Crew wrap bracelet and vintage Gucci watch on left wrist.
Last time I posted this dress I wore it with a cardigan, tights, snow boots, a furry hat and no jewelry - I've come a long way since then!!!
It's official, my new favorite thing is layering this blazer under this vest! It almost looks like the Veda leather sleeved trench I will always covet. So perhaps my FNO this year flopped, but at least you all get to see how cute I looked!


k said...

love the layering!