Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Style Challenge: I Have a Missoni for Target Dress and You Probably Don't

I have Missoni for Target clothes and you don't, nah nah nah! This dress is magically amazing and fills me with joy at all times!

OK, really having this dress barely impacts my life, so for the love do not spend hundreds on one on eBay!! Though it looks like not many people are bidding on overpriced pieces - thank goodness! People trying to resell stuff on eBay annoy me, they create an artificial demand by buying up half the stock instead of letting poor girls like me get a few cute items that they actually want!
I'm wearing: Missoni for Target knit dress, cardigan from Yes Style, Marc Jacobs belt, Belle Sigerson Morrison wedges, Coach purse that my sister gave me, armor ring from ASOS, top two necklaces from my mom, arrowhead necklace from Urban Outfitters.
Kyoko and I like to dance and dance and dance and dance when I get home from work!
These are my favorite shoes ever - they give me height and look like booties but the way they're cut really elongate my legs!


WendyB said...

Aw! Love the dancing puppy.

Annie said...

Love the way the dress looks on you! Perfect fit :)


Brea Ellis said...

Hey dress twin...confession I purchased a kid's XL (shhh...don't tell)