Monday, September 26, 2011

My Style Challenge: Pretty Boy

Last Friday I felt randomly inspired by dandies and David Bowie! Perhaps because I chopped my hair off and wanted to touch on androgyny a bit? Either way, I came into the office looking like this:

Even though it was a swampy DC day, I felt impossibly chic and put together! I've reflected a lot during My Style Challenge on what my personal style really is, and I feel like this outfit is a great reflection of the edgier side of my persona and one of my favorite looks!
I'm rocking a serious arm party!!
I'm wearing: Leopard print blouse and indigo blazer courtesy of Zara, Alexander Wang zipper jeans, and patent oxfords from ASOS. Jewelry includes pearl necklaces clasped together to make one long strand from relatives in the Philippines, J. Crew wrap bracelet and stacking rings, Juicy Couture wrap bracelet and woven bracelet, tiger print bracelet and thin rhinestone bracelets from CUSP, green Yosca ring courtesy of Lucky Magazine, vintage Gucci watch, rose gold wedding band by Tina Tang.
I love oxfords with cuffed pants!!! It is my new obsession - it feels very "fashionable guy looking relaxed" to me!
I also lurve my new hair! I didn't really post many pictures of myself back when I had super short hair but I've had pretty much every iteration of short hair - pixie cut, faux hawk, banged bob... one hair dresser talked me out of a mullet once, so you know I'm pretty fearless with my hair! Thanks to Sylvia of Noufal Haircolor Studio for this amazing angled bob, and, of course, my trademark purple streaks!
Yes, the zipper goes all the way from the front to the back! No, no one at work noticed, ahahah.


DWJ said...

LOVE the haircut!

Tracy said...

Wooh. Look at all those accessories! Inspiring. (especially that green and gold ring!)

krissy rock said...

love this outfit! and the pants zipper is too cool!