Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Style Challenge: The Rehearsal Dinner

Another important wedding-related outfit I had to pick was the rehearsal dinner look!! As a fashion blogger, almost every occasion is a "what are you wearing" event - it can be so stressful!! Soooooo, I decided to rock an old favorite some of you may find familiar...

It's the dress and shoes I wore to the very first IFB get together!! Blast from the past, hooray!!
OMG, my face is cheesin' - love it! It was such an amazing night, when I met Jordana, Wendy Brandes and, of course, Jennine all for the first time! Since the dress had so many good vibes packed it, it was perfect to wear the night before the big day!
I'm wearing: Blush pink dress from BCBG, green Elizabeth & James jacket my sister bought for me at TJ Maxx, Marc Jacobs misplaced heels, nude fishnets, necklace, earrings and pearl bracelet, & cluster ring from my mom, J. Crew wrap bracelet, vintage Gucci watch, green glass bracelet from street faire on left arm, two Juicy Couture bracelets (and aforementioned pearl one) on right, Vampire Diana ring by Wendy Brandes, hair ribbon from a wedding present!
I wanted some red eyeshadow for the wedding, and tested it out the night before! I adore the look - I know it's not for everyone, but when done well it's not nearly as scary as you'd think.
Ahh, the infamous Marc Jacobs misplaced heels! My very first real fashion splurge, they never fail to receive comments and compliments and double takes! They're actually pretty comfortable and stable to walk in and they are the shizz!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I can totally see why you'd wear that dress again - I love it! And I LOVE army green with it. I'm obsessed with pink and army green. Those shoes are amazing too! For a moment I thought you had hurt your ankle. :)

k said...

I remember these!