Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(Target + Missoni) x Hype = CRASH

Since I work in the web, I have had first hand experience on websites going down and I totally understand that they're complicated beasts that are much more sensitive than the average person ever realizes. But yesterday when the much anticipated Missoni for Target collection went live, I was still shocked to see this for 90% of the day:

For the morning, no real surprise. And when the site came back up around 11:30 AM, allowing me to snatch up some pieces, I figured that was it. But when I decided to go back around 1 PM, again the site was down.

At this point I was a touch curious about what was going on. This wasn't some tiny site, and I couldn't imagine how there was more traffic today than the infamousBlack Friday or Cyber Monday, which has never crashed As my Twitter stream filled up with my friends' rants, I decided to check out Target's account...
Rough day for someone!

In the afternoon fellow DC blogger Capitol Hill Style tweeted from in-store that the woman in front of her bought $600 worth of Missoni for Target stuff. We all figured it was probably going straight to eBay, so I decided to do a little search for "Missoni for Target." 6,417 Results. I saw the zig zag sweater dress I got for $55 available to buy immediately for $250... maybe I should have stocked up this AM - I could have paid for the wedding! But really, at that point you could just spend the money on some M Missoni!

As the dust settles from the frantic shopping, I'm sad for my friends who didn't get pieces they wanted. But if millions of women are going to be walking around looking exactly the same, do you really want to as well?


Vivi N. said...

Yeah, I kinda steered away from the clothes. Only 2 pieces caught my attention: the black/white cardigan and the black maxi skirt. I was more interested in the accessories (umbrella, scarves, etc). I'll check out my local Targets today and see what they have in store (pun intended).

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Can i say, that while I'm a fashion blogger, and we all are looking to express ourselves it pains me that EVERYBODY is obsessing about this. Just from the standpoint that this is a version of a brand that is made cheaply and probably isn't made to last for a while. I get it, people love Missoni, but crashing target for 4 hours and some change, and then everything is sold out. I'm thinking is it really THAT serious. Now i will be in line when Versace releases for H&M but I just can't get with all the hype. I saw that tweet about the 600 lady, and i'm thinking i hope she is going to recoup that money back by possible selling on ebay or something. I feel like there will be a flood of blogs wearing this collection, and NOThing stands out to me except maybe the housewares, and the bedding.

Unknown said...

I was one of the ones fighting to get on the site with EVERYONE else yesterday and just decided to try to hit the store next to me when I got off of work and boy did I luck up. I guess the lady in customer service with me must have picked up one of everything that morning and was back at the very moment returning what she didn’t want! So that’s how I scored my pieces, but I was very surprised to see the site down for such a long time.

Vogue & Vintage

Anne said...

Trust me. Spending $600 is not that bad. I read on the TargetStyle FB page that there were women with several carts spending over 2k. Those are the women to be annoyed at bc chances are is that they're the eBay hoarders.

While it shouldn't have become a crisis (as described by those who were angry), it was a chance to own something from Missoni. Whether it was made in a cheaper quality than their M Missoni line, not everyone can afford it & we can afford this.

While no one should get angry, no one should be looked down upon for wanting a piece of this affordable collection.

Alyssa said...

By the time I got on the site, only a few (sorry, it has to be said) fugly things were left. Bummer. I liked the tights!