Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WTF Is Mod, Really??

The chicness of 70's style has quickly given way to 60's Mod. But really what does Mod mean?? I know it's a style of dress originating in the 60s in England, that Twiggy is pretty much the poster child and that miniskirts and bold geometric prints are mod, but that's really it. So I decided to do a little research on the subject!

Mary Quant looking stereotypically mod
It seems that Mod subculture (short for Modernist) has roots in the beatniks and was considered futuristic style dressing - I suppose compared to the 50s circle skirts and 60s flower child it was! British designer Mary Quant was instrumental in the Mod aesthetic, and is considered the creator of the miniskirt, hot pants and colored tights!

Obviously a reaction to the "be a lady" culture of the 50s, mod fashion was slightly androgynous with sleek, short hair that reminds me of space helmets, heavy eyeliner, aforementioned miniskirts, hot pants and colored tights, flats and waist hiding shift dresses. Colors were bold and many, black and white super graphic and oversized prints also tres chic.
On the left Jean Shrimpton as a mod astronaut; on the right Twiggy in one of those shift dresses 99% of women don't look good in
The clothing, which I feel was what people considered the flapper of the future, looked best on slender, boyish models such as Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy. This doesn't mean curvy girls can't rock the look, it just means look for tighter silhouettes or throw on a white patent belt!

So, how in the world do you actually get the mod look?


I would say there are a few essential pieces that can easily bring you to the era of the swinging 60s!
  1. Colorblocked Items. It's already in style, but it never occurred to me that it had mod roots until now!
  2. Short Shift Dress. Now shift dresses can be tricky, especially if you have curves! A belt can help prevent you looking like a sack, but it does diminish the "mod-ness" of the look a little.
  3. Swing Coat. Look for a colorful one with large buttons for an extra mod look!
  4. Turtleneck. A great layering piece when trying out the style!
  5. Miniskirt. Of course! Look for a-line shapes, definitely not full or too tight.
  6. Riding Cap. I haven't seen a resurgence of the riding cap yet, but it is one of the most mod pieces out there!
  7. Colored Tights. Probably the most affordable way to rock mod!
Did I miss anything?