Monday, October 31, 2011

Lust for Less: Tux Jacket

Tuxedo-style looks were heavily featured on the runways for fall. Obviously this means I need to own a tuxedo jacket - great for throwing on over sparkly party frocks or a tee and jeans! So let's she what options are out there...

This leather lapel jacket by Elizabeth & James is so chic and well tailored, though a pricy $595 at Bloomingdale's - holy moly, even I can't justify that price!
Next up is this faux leather shawl collar jacket. Much more affordably priced at $150 at TopShop, I think it's a bit too slouchy for my petite frame, but a pretty good deal!
Last up, I found this piece at Charlotte Russe - just $40! Probably not the best quality, but a great way to test out the trend without making a serious commitment!

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I decided to update my costume from last year: Rydia of Mist. As a total geek, I grew up gaming, and Rydia, from Final Fantasy II on SNES, has remained my favorite character of all time. Of course, in the original 8-bit game you couldn't fully see her costume. There were some amazing sketches of her:

But I decided to use the well-detailed, must easier to make version of her costume from the re-release later on:
Are you ready to be amazed at my mad DIY skills???
Hooray, I'm Rydia!!! I bought a green leotard, skirt and leggings and gold obi belt last year, probably from American Apparel, and cut them up a bit. This year I added the gold trim to the skirt and leggings (previously I had used a gold fabric marker but it didn't look so great), made the arm coverings and cape and did my best to make boot covers, something way beyond my sewing skills.
I'm so pleased with how I upgraded my costume from last year! Especially since I was working on the fly without any patterns or previous experience. I felt like Anya from "Project Runway."
Now I have something to wear to Otakon and ComicCon next year!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Style Challenge: A Fall Staple

IFB members were recently asked "What is your fall uniform?" and it got me wondering! I'm notoriously bad at loosing my fashionable senses once it gets cold out, opting for comfy and neutral knit pants and squishy sweaters! It's hard to manage bulky layers, especially when adding a winter coat to the mix!! So perhaps I should depend on a wardrobe staple for fall to jolt me awake on dark frigid mornings: my new red corduroys!!

A bright cord is perfect to immediately add interest to your look while still staying warm and cozy! Just try to refrain from pairing with a black top - hello immediate trip back to snooze-ville! I decided to add extra punch to my look by pairing the red pants with a pink scarf.
I'm wearing: Red cords from J. Crew, stripe waffle knit top from Bluefly, green Elizabeth & James jacket from my sister from TJ Maxx, BP scarf from Nordstrom, BCBG nude heels, black Belle Noel ring.
I obviously need to buy more in different colors, so I'm not wearing this pair every week! Hmm, should I get violet, yellow or green next?? What do you think your go-to wardrobe item will be this fall?

Paneled Wool Coat

Time to start thinking about winter coats! I adore the panel detailing on the front closure of this coat, taking a classic piece and adding a fun spin to it. Buy at Couture Candy for $334.

Long Sleeved Romper

The color and long sleeves make this the perfect romper for fall! I really love the cut out back - be sure to check that out! Buy at Pixie Market for $62.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Print Tee

I feel like I read somewhere that photo prints could be the next "thing" - I must say the concept does feel tres fresh! Check out this tee, which has a picture of pink bustier on it - how trompe l'oeil! Buy at Far Fetch for $175.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for H&M

Most people are focusing on Versace for H&M, but they just announced a strange collaboration - a collection based on "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" by the film's costume designer, Trish Summerville. Now I've never read the book, but I do know the main character, Lisbeth Salander is edgy and kinda goth. So I'm not surprised to see the pieces are distressed, dark and a bit grunge.

The 30 piece collection will debut on December 14 - I'm excited to check out the jackets!!!

Obsessed with Wood Grain Prints

I have been nurturing a new like, caring for it so it would grow and grow into a full blown obsession! I think it's fully mature now! I'm talking about wood grain prints!

Looking back I think the seed was planted back in 2009 when I blogged about Swood Sunglasses. They're so cool looking! Then, this summer I went to the opening of a MyEyeDr. and came across a pair of wood grain frames and was like - how could I ever have forgotten about this amazing-ness??
Then, more recently, I came across a Francis dress in a wood grain print - this was the first time I had ever seen it in clothing and I fell hard.
I became obsessed with this idea - luckily Wendy Brandes showed me an amazing Rodarte dress and I'm currently willing this Rodarte parquet print skirt to suddenly go on sale for 75% off:
So I'm officially on the hunt for wood grain print pieces - be sure to let me know if you see any!!!

Jacquard Tie-Neck Blouse

I've mentioned it before, but I really feel like peter pan collars are about to hit a major resurgence! This See by Chloe blouse has a cuper chic right now tie neck plus a about to be super chic rounded collar for extra bonus! Buy at Neiman Marcus for $225.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Double Drop Jade Earrings

I'm midst a search for jade earrings similar to the ones Serena wore in a recent episode of "Gossip Girl:"

Anyone have any thoughts as to where to find them? Or something very similar?? I loves how they're cut and the minimal amount of metal visible to the eye. Right now I've found a pair at Charm & Chain for $247, but there's too much gold going on for my taste, and they lack the facets I like.
Any assistance would be appreciated!

Oversized Check Taffeta Mini

Skirts with peplum details are super chic right now! Technically this is a skirt with fold over pockets, but honestly it seems to be the same thing. Buy at Net-A-Porter for $375.

Fall Fashion Trend: Slipper Loafers

Menswear-inspired footwear has been in style for three to four years now, but every year the preferred silhouette seems to change just a touch. Right now people are into the slipper loafer, which, as you can imagine, looks like a pair of mens slippers! I guess one of the best ways to recognize a pair if to make sure there isn't any stitching around the front of the shoe - it should look like one piece of fabric. I've found a ton at various price points for you:

Citron Merino Sweater

I feel like I should really invest in more sweaters I think I would actually wear - right now I have a drawer full of ones that I must say I really don't like! Something basic to layer over a button down seems like a good idea - even better in a bold color!!! This one is pretty close to chartreuse, though a touch too yellow I think. Buy at J. Crew for $70.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fall Color Story

I wrote about Neon Minimalism in the summer, but I've found that I'm quite into pairing white neutrals with citrus separates for winter time. But it's still fall and I'm not done with its jewel tones! That got me thinking about what colors are "appropriate" for each season. Of course it's not like the fashion gods will strike you down if you wear pastel in October, buy you can't deny that certain shades just fit the season! Fall always seems to be the perfect time to rock mustard, teal, eggplant, dusty rose, and moss green. Red is definitely hot right now too, though it's a bit seasonless.

I decided to create a color mood board for fall and wanted to share all of you!

Fall Colors

Large Snakeskin Clutch

Women carrying oversized clutches always look so chic, but I hate the idea of not being able to have both hands free! Maybe I should try it out anyway - who knows if it would actually annoy me or not. This clutch is certainly a reason to test out the waters! Buy at Zara for $80.

Cropped White Blazer

I've been craving a chic, white blazer for awhile now - have I finally found the one??? It's certainly affordable, just $68 at Nasty Gal, and it looks like it has the cropped, fitted silhouette that looks best on e me. Hmm...

Military Cape

It's like a miltary-esque anorak and a cape had a baby! Capes are tres chic for fall, and this one is on sale at Rugby for $130, originally $268!

Leopard Cut Out Shoulder Tunic

One of my best friends wore a cut out shoulder frock to my rehearsal dinner and I absolutely died over it! This dress is similar and in leopard! Buy at Revolve Clothing for $90.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Inverted Pleat Leather Skirt

A chic leather skirt should be in every woman's closet! Some people shy away from them for fear of being inappropriately sexy, but I think we can all agree this skirt is fab without being va va voom. Maybe just va voom ;) Buy at Bluefly for $178.

WTF is Shoe Dazzle Anyway?

Recently I've seen a lot of ads on Shoe Dazzle, but was especially surprised to see some acquaintances discussing it on Facebook in the past few months. So, while I've seen the ads, I decided to look into exactly what the eff Shoe Dazzle really is.

They talk a lot about getting your own personal Hollywood stylist, like co-founder Kim Kardashion. Ahh, that's where they're getting all this money for tv ads, I understand now! They definitely seem to want to help you define your personal style, which I suppose can be difficult if you don't enjoy fashion at all. But I feel like this site targets women who arealdy enjoy shopping, so I suspect its really more about "celebrating" your identity by reinforcing what you consider your style to be.

I decided to take their quiz... hmm, I get the feeling I will come out as trendy or wild or whatever they want to call it. I keep picking answers like Gwen Stefani and Rhiana. Oh look, stylist are creating my "personal" showroom, come back in 24 hours? Riiiiight, I really believe a computer doesn't do all the work. I'm sure Kim sits at her computer all day picking out shoes for other women. Anyhoo please stand by


So it's the next day, let's see what's been picked out for me!
Um, are my shoes hiding behind these ugly, boring ones? How did I end up with these results?!? Now I can request alternatives and provide more info on what I like, but I'm still a bit surprised at how off base these are - pretty sure neither Rihanna nor Gwen Stefani would rock these. Well, maybe the second to left heels.

Overall, I think the main reason to join any "of the month" club is a lack of knowledge in whatever they're sending you and the desire to try new things. I guess it would be fun to randomly get a new pair of shoes every month, but you know what I find more fun? Buying a pair of shoes I actually love and would wear.

Chain Rosette Bib

A bold necklace can really take an every day outfit to a pulled together "look." This Adam Lippes one is on sale, though still pricy. Originally $695, you can buy it at Couture Candy for the sale price of $278.

C Wonder

I have to admit I'm laughing at the sheer audacity of the following: Tory Burch's ex-husband had started his own preppy inspired lifestyle brand, C Wonder, at a lower price point.

Photo via Shefinds
Someone has a bitter taste in their mouth and some serious balls! Looking at the clothing, I must say there's some very Tory-esque pieces to be found! To put yourself in direct competition with your ex and rub in a little salt by being more affordable? Man, that's something!
Photo from the C Wonder Facebook page
Besides womens' fashion, They'll be selling things like mugs, aprons, candles, home decor stuff, bike helmets and more. Prices range from $28 to $285 - not bad! - and the boutique opens this weekend in downtown NYC. I'm sure they'll eventually have online shopping, but I don't think that will be for a bit - let me know if you see any C Wonder pieces available online!

DC Fashion Swap in Nov

Another clothing swap in the area is coming up! Fashion enthusiasts in the DC area are being asked to go through their closets for items they no longer wear and bring them to the swap in exchange for items from other local fashionista! Walk in with five items or more of like-new or vintage clothing and/or accessories. In turn, you'll walk out with the same number of items that you brought in. All sizes are welcome and encouraged. Clothing from fall/winter season only accepted. Any clothing remaining from the swap will be donated to Goodwill. I wish I could make this, but it's the Mr's bday.

In addition to the swap is the Pop-Up Shop, where fashion enthusiasts can shop various booths of indie designers and vintage curators!!

Tickets are $10 with at least five items and $15 without any items. Tickets are available at

Saturday, November 12, 2011, from 2:00-5:00 pm. While the swap and the pop-up shop will happen simultaneously, dewdropDC encourages everyone to arrive at 2:00 as swag bags will be given away to the first 50 guests.

Hillyer Art Space at 9 Hillyer Court NW in Dupont Circle

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Versace for H&M Pics

These pictures have been making the rounds online and sending women into a frenzy! I will definitely be interested in shopping this collection, though it infuriates me to no end that I can't shop H&M online! Luckily I live maybe 10 minutes away from a store so that's where you'll find me Nov 17!

Beautiful detailing on this dress, but it's a touch too loose on the waist for it to look good on me.
This print looks like the mosaic found on the bottom of a fountain in Italy!
The dress equivalent of the purse I must have - wouldn't it make a perfect New Years frock??

Pleated Palazzo Pants

Ginormous, extra wide legged palazzo pants are trying to have a moment and the majority of women are ignoring it. Maybe because they only look good on tall, super slender models???? If you happen to be lucky enough to look good in these, buy at Free People for $108. I can't decide if the fact they're semi-sheer is a bonus because it shows your legs really aren't that huge or makes them even less flattering.

Colorblock Tee

I'm so into colorblocking in fall color favorites plum and red! Here's a great tee, also available in blues and beige, for $50 at Express.