Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I decided to update my costume from last year: Rydia of Mist. As a total geek, I grew up gaming, and Rydia, from Final Fantasy II on SNES, has remained my favorite character of all time. Of course, in the original 8-bit game you couldn't fully see her costume. There were some amazing sketches of her:

But I decided to use the well-detailed, must easier to make version of her costume from the re-release later on:
Are you ready to be amazed at my mad DIY skills???
Hooray, I'm Rydia!!! I bought a green leotard, skirt and leggings and gold obi belt last year, probably from American Apparel, and cut them up a bit. This year I added the gold trim to the skirt and leggings (previously I had used a gold fabric marker but it didn't look so great), made the arm coverings and cape and did my best to make boot covers, something way beyond my sewing skills.
I'm so pleased with how I upgraded my costume from last year! Especially since I was working on the fly without any patterns or previous experience. I felt like Anya from "Project Runway."
Now I have something to wear to Otakon and ComicCon next year!


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