Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiration Board: The Forties

Every season there are usually a few standout, can't deny it trends like this fall's snakeskin.There are also seasonal "trends" - boots and plaid for fall, OMG! Finally there are always a handful of trends fighting with each other. Sure colorblocked brights and monochrome neutral looks can both be chic at the same time, but it kinda lessens the impact of either trend, don't you think?

For fall it seems that sophisticated 70s, mod 60s and now refined 40s seems to all be jockeying for decade inspiration du jour. Again, I feel like all these decade inspirations are chic right now... but with all these different directions it feels like none of them are really top dog.

I used to ignore conflicting trends, but I'm all about embracing things this year, and highlighting styles I'm not initially drawn to! So here's my inspiration board for the 40s: feminine and tailored, tea dresses, midi pencil skirts and defined waists!

Inspiration Board: The Forties

What decade is inspiring you this season?


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