Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lizzie Fortunato Jewels Trunk Show

Over the weekend I stopped by a trunk show at Muléh, a DC lifestyle boutique that sells furniture and women's clothing, including brands like 3.1 Philip Lim and MM6 Martin Margiela. The show was Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, run by twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortnato. Lizzie is the designer, and her sister runs the business end - it's left brain / right brain in action!!

I was tres excited to speak to the twins, as LFJ has done collaborations with Fasshonaburu faves VPL and Suno! Their designs have been edgy without being obvious - no spikes or claws needed to convey badass here!
Their fall collection was inspired by Native American motifs and patterns and the rugged frontierswoman and explorer, Isabella Bird. She was an 18th century natural historian who came to America and explored the Rocky Mountains on horseback. "I love this idea of this independent woman who was a little bit defiant - she refused to ride side saddle as women then were supposed to," says Lizzie. That defiant pioneer woman and "natural, really organic influences" were what shaped this beautiful collection!"
"It wasn't about being bohemian, it was about being strong with these very rich, almost historical references."
This crescent moon collar, called Moonlight Mile, was definitely my favorite piece! The twins were like, "You can wear the moons forward or at the nape of your neck," and I was like, "Why would you hide your moons???" I stand by that statement :P
Lizzie launched the business  in 2007 and her sister, Katherine, joined full-time in 2010. In September 2010, the line was one of 18 highlighted by Harper's Bazaar and the CDFA during NY Fashion Week.
They just recently expanded in leather good like clutches, iPad and card cases. "Really taking the inspiration of a lot of the hand beading that we did in jewelry and saying, 'If we can do this in a necklace than why can't we do it in another leather accessory.'"
Looking back at these pictures I'm sad I didn't buy myself something!! Luckily for me , you can find their pieces online at ShopBop, Kirna Zabete and Chain and Charm!