Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Style Challenge: New Red Cords

Monday I posted on my disappointing experience at fashion:district. Probably my favorite part of the night was my outfit... on the other hand it seemed like a total waste of chicness. At least I took pictures to share with all of you!!

Hooray, fall fashion is in full swing! Red pants continue to dominate fashionable wardrobes, I just bought these new cords! Honestly I kinda wanted to switch things up a bit and get some eggplant or teal pants, but they only had red and they looked so good on! Ooo, they have more colors online.... gotta catch 'em all!
And yes, this is also a new top! I got a great $100 for $50 coupon for local boutique Muléh on Gilt City and already had a $25 credit!not the top was more than $100, but really it was a total steal :P And hello, tiger print - I've been obsessed with it for at least a whole month! ;) The label, Sea, is one I've just really started to notice - def an up and comer!
Remember the horror of being sent a headband instead of the necklace I wanted to wear for my wedding? Well, here it is, being worn! It gets caught in your hair and kinda hurts, but it is unique! Might as well get some use out of it, right?
I'm wearing: Sea top from Muléh, J.Crew red cords, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, black Belle Noel ring... HOLY CRAP it's a jewelry line by Kim Kardashian, I had no idea!, Dauphines of New York headband, and my Robert Cleregie boots.


WendyB said...

Beauty is pain!