Friday, October 21, 2011

WTF is Shoe Dazzle Anyway?

Recently I've seen a lot of ads on Shoe Dazzle, but was especially surprised to see some acquaintances discussing it on Facebook in the past few months. So, while I've seen the ads, I decided to look into exactly what the eff Shoe Dazzle really is.

They talk a lot about getting your own personal Hollywood stylist, like co-founder Kim Kardashion. Ahh, that's where they're getting all this money for tv ads, I understand now! They definitely seem to want to help you define your personal style, which I suppose can be difficult if you don't enjoy fashion at all. But I feel like this site targets women who arealdy enjoy shopping, so I suspect its really more about "celebrating" your identity by reinforcing what you consider your style to be.

I decided to take their quiz... hmm, I get the feeling I will come out as trendy or wild or whatever they want to call it. I keep picking answers like Gwen Stefani and Rhiana. Oh look, stylist are creating my "personal" showroom, come back in 24 hours? Riiiiight, I really believe a computer doesn't do all the work. I'm sure Kim sits at her computer all day picking out shoes for other women. Anyhoo please stand by


So it's the next day, let's see what's been picked out for me!
Um, are my shoes hiding behind these ugly, boring ones? How did I end up with these results?!? Now I can request alternatives and provide more info on what I like, but I'm still a bit surprised at how off base these are - pretty sure neither Rihanna nor Gwen Stefani would rock these. Well, maybe the second to left heels.

Overall, I think the main reason to join any "of the month" club is a lack of knowledge in whatever they're sending you and the desire to try new things. I guess it would be fun to randomly get a new pair of shoes every month, but you know what I find more fun? Buying a pair of shoes I actually love and would wear.