Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dressing for the Office Holiday Party

It's time for that familiar crush of holiday gatherings! One of the biggest events you'll probably have this season is your company's official holiday party. But just because it's an after hours event with cocktails doesn't mean it's time to go wild in your favorite bodycon mini. You can balance the fun and turn heads without getting a call from HR the next day. I don't even like the idea of wearing a strapless dress to an office party, though do keep in mind that you can make a piece more conservative by throwing on a chic blazer or cardigan and wearing opaque tights.

Most invites I've received so far call for "festive attire." I've taken this to mean cocktail dressing, so I recommend a dress or skirt, but some dressy pants (NOT black chinos) will work if you pair them with a fancy schmancy top. Just don't skimp on the schmancy, folks! But don't wear a full length gown unless the invite specifies "black tie."

I decided to check out the red carpet for some inspiration:

I was tres inspired by these pics - so much so that I created three different outfits - all perfect for your company's shindig. Go for conservative silhouettes with sparkle and you'll stand out for all the right reasons!

Office Holiday Party Attire


Anonymous said...

I'm loving anything with sparkles on it for the holidays! Especially jewelry ~jen