Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fashion Dogs: Kyoko of Fasshonaburu

I'm launching a new series: Fashion Dogs!!

I've made friends with many fashion bloggers over the years and one thing that's stood out to me is how many of them have a beloved pooch that often makes cameos on their site, and sometimes even have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts! It's obvious that fashionistas love their doggies and I think it's about time we learned a little more about them!

First up I'll test the waters with my own baby, Kyoko!

I love hats just like my mommy!
What breed are you?
I'm a drop-earred papillon, also known as a phalène. Papillon means "butterfly" in French and the breed was named for the fringy ears. In French, phalène means "moth" - how fabulous is that??? My mommy's imaginary fashion label is named Phalène! We're a toy breed usually under 10 lbs known for being intelligent, gentle and needy!
This will be the perfect Christmas card!
Does your human ever dress you up?
Sometimes when it gets very cold out, she puts me in a sweater my aunt Alex knitted! I also have a leopard print Snuggie, me-ow!

Where do you love to shop?
Online pet boutiques always look so terrible, like they were made in the early '90s and haven't been updated since! I like to shop stores that have pet departments, like Saks Fifth Avenue and ModCloth.
Could you scootch that a bit closer?
What designer do you wish made dog gear?
I would love it if Diane von Furstenberg made pet items, she has great prints that would look lovely on bowls and beds. And I bet Balenciaga would make amazing collar sets with great hardware details and sculptural shapes!

If there was one pair of shoes you wish you could chew on right now, what would it be?
I initially thought maybe the Mui Mui glitter pumps everyone went gaga over in early fall, but now I think I'd rather sink my teeth into these Thakoon ankle boots! Black & white Afrian-inspiraed paisley print?? Nommy in my tummy!!

Let me know if you know of a fashion dog to be featured next!


Tracy said...

I have a papillon, myself. Love the breed to death!

Vyque said...

Tracy, I will have to interview your pup sometime!