Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Five Tights Ever Woman Needs

One of the most important aspects of the fashionable woman's cold weather wardrobe is certainly lots and lots of hosiery, the staple of which is the pair of black tights. But if that's all you have, perhaps it's time to consider expanding your options. I give you the five pairs of tights every woman must own!

Tights Necessities

First is a pair of aforementioned opaque black tights. Slimming, classic, easy yet chic, they are a must own for every woman who experiences below 70 degree weather. For the bold, pair with bright heels for awesome contrast.

But everyone should get a little out of their comfort zone by owning some colored tights as well! You don't need to go neon, a pair of burgundy or plum tights can easily add interest while still remaining surprisingly neutral. 

Speaking of neutral, a pair of textured greige (grey beige) tights go with everything and patterns like stripes or diamond add depth to your look!

Some lace tights are another must have. I know they can seem a little scary at first, but I can vouch for their fun! If you're not really sold, look for a smaller lace pattern, which is more slimming and subtle, and pair with solid pieces.

Finally, cable knit tights in white or grey are a must. I know they can seem a bit on the "pilgrim" side, but its all about how you style them! I recently saw a DC fashionista rocking them with a midi skirt and heeled hiking boots and immediately wanted to do the same. 

Tights are an easy, super affordable way to update your wardrobe and the above five pairs are definitely staples for your closet!


Tracy said...

Agreed on the plum/burgundy tights. I bought a pair from Target a few years back that was a lovely brown/burgundy mix. I must have worn those things four days a week, and was so sad to see them fall apart.