Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Style Challenge: Monochrome

I've had my coveted by many dahlia pink pants for more than a couple of weeks now, but I have yet to feature them in an outfit post! This is tres unacceptable, but I was having trouble pulling together a "blog worthy" outfit. But this week it occurred to me - monochrome!

I admit I'm playing a bit fast and loose with the term. The pants seem to toe the line between pink and purple, so I'm wearing both in my look, which really isn't monochrome! And the black blazer certainly isn't! But I just get a "one-ness" vibe from this look and I'm too lazy to come up with another way to describe it! :P
See above for my patent pending "here is my jewelry and I'm a sleeping vampire" pose!
Monochrome styling can be deceptively tricky. You may think to yourself, "Uh, you've only got one color on, how hard can it be?" But there's a difference between wearing one color and wearing one color well :P

To keep your look from getting too flat, I do recommend wearing different shades of a hue (or is it different hues of a shade? I never remember). It adds depth and interest, though if taken too extreme it can fall into colorblocking territory! For example: Do you consider a red top and pink pants monochrome or colorblocking?

Different textures also add interest and dimension to a monochrome look. Try mixing silk and cashmere or furry and lacy!

Finally, small touches of a neutral like black, gray of white can help emphasize the otherwise one color look of your outfit. I admit the blazer may be too much, but something like a belt or other accessory can look great!
I'm wearing: Wool pants from J. Crew, fei flannel top and blue bowler hat from Anthropologie, pale cami underneath stolen from my sister, blazer from Urban Outfitters, Michael Michael Kors heels from Net-A-Porter, Michael Kors belt from Bluefly. Jewelry is: Betsey Johnson earrings, PAM vampire teeth necklace, tiger and rhinestone bracelets from CUSP, green glass bracelet from street fair, black ring from ShopBop, horizontal glass ring from Banana Republic.


k said...

you look great!