Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fashion Dogs: Henry & Gigi of Wendy Brandes

The second installment in my Fashion Dog interview series!! I knew I had to highlight the ever lovely Wendy Brandes' pooches next, Henry & Gigi, who are featured on her blog so often I feel like we're besties! Plus, how could you resist those faces??

Gigi on the left, Henry on the right
What breed(s) are you?
Henry: Pekingese.
Gigi: Everyone thought I was a Pekingese mix, but I'm a Tibetan spaniel.

Does your human ever dress you up?
Henry: Once in a while, when it's raining very hard, she puts a coat on me. But coats are very confusing. I forget how to do any of my business, sit down and look bewildered.
Gigi: I have a pink turtleneck for exceptionally cold winter days, but my beautiful blonde fur usually keeps me warm.

Where do you love to shop?
Henry: I "shop" for barely edible items in the garbage on the sidewalk.
Gigi: I would like to go to Bergdorfs, but Mom keeps saying stuff about "bad behavior" and "fightis with other dogs." Apparently, those things are holding me back socially.
Henry & Gigi pose with Wendy's new Prada purse!
What designer do you wish made dog gear?
Henry: No designer should ever make confusing dog coats. EVER!
Gigi: Mom is a jewelry designer and she hasn't made me any diamond anythings! Can you imagine?

What one pair of shoes do you wish you could chew on right now?

Henry: Do shoes taste like meet?
Gigi: When I want to chew, I chew on Henry.

Gigi makes a good point, there is a lack of WendyB jewel-encrusted dog collars in our lives!! Thanks Henry and Gigi for taking to time to chat with me, and, of course, Wendy, for being awesome.


WendyB said...

LOL! Thanks for interviewing them. And thanks to Jennine for taking that first picture of Henry -- best photo of him evah!