Thursday, December 01, 2011

Lust for Less: Flat Ankle Boots

Today on the subway I saw a woman in a beige pencil skirt, semi-opaque black tights and... Converse sneakers. Now it was better than actual gym shoes, but it still felt very out of place to me So I thought about what comfy shoes are warmer than ballet flats but not as hot as riding boots (it gets hot in those crowed trains!) and decided I recommend the utilitarian ankle boot for commuters right now! They look surprisingly good with tights and skirts, will keep your toes warm and are easy to walk in! I found three options for you:

First is a great option from J. Crew! It comes in grey, brown and black, but is a somewhat expensive (but no outrageously so) $238.
A more affordable option are these boots, in black or light brown, found at Mango for $130. That's usually what I would expect to pay for a quality pair of shoes.
But if that's still too much for you, I found these boots at Target for just $30! That's so affordable I may just buy them on impulse and do an outfit post around ankle boots!