Friday, December 30, 2011

My Style Challenge: 2011 In Review

Many of you probably don't know that I didn't do outfit posts prior to January 2010. That was when I gave myself a slightly belated resolution to follow - up my fashion game. I gave myself the following rules for dressing myself every morning in the hopes that I would break out of my ho hum rut:

  • Do not wear the same pair of trousers to work twice a week
  • Before you leave the house put ON one accessory
  • Wear non-black shoes at least once per week
  • Wear color and/or print top & bottom combo at least once per week
  • Wear a skirt or dress at least once per week
  • Wear a multi-layered ensemble (not just top and cardigan!) once every other week
  • Try dressing down a cocktail dress at least once a month
  • Planning your outfits the night before is better than pretending you don't sleep in and throwing on whatever's closest each morning
  • Don't be afraid to stand out!!
Needless to say, I pretty much have blown those rules out of the water! Check out my 2010 Review Part One and 2010 Review Part Two to see how my sense of style evolved into what I consider a strong base. But I really think 2011 is when my personal style really started to shine!!!
Ahh, some of my favorite looks from 2011! As you can see, I began to more heavily accessorize in the first part of the year, played around with mixed prints, began to really get obsessed with blazers for layering and rocked some serious color!!
Right about summer time I began to really understand what it meant to pile on the jewelry! I practically wore every single bracelet I owned at my bridal shower which I think really helped me break through my wall!
In the last part of the year I got married!! I loved my dress, which I designed myself and highly recommend others do!  I also got obsessed with my indigo blazer courtesy of Zara, chopped off my hair and went blonde!!

2011 was amazing, I'm not sure how I can have an even better year! I do plan to push my style boundaries though, what style resolutions should I make? I'm thinking I should wear more brooches and perhaps try out more monochrome looks... What suggestions do you have for me??


Bianca C said...

COngrats on getting married, you have a great style, and a fun blog over here! Glad I found you. :)

Alyssa said...

Wow, so cool to see all your outfits for the whole year. I will have to bookmark this post for inspiration :)

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

So much fun to see all your outfits together! Happy New Year!