Monday, December 05, 2011

My Style Challenge: Day to Night

On the first day of December I had a fullschedule! In the morning I spoke at a conference about social media, then took the subway back to the office, then we all went to my company's holiday party! I didn't want to deal with changing into "festive attire" so I came up with a real life day to night solution that I think was pretty innovative!

Here is my "day" look. As you can see, I'm wearing my super pretty, doesn't get worn enough, Mara Hoffman kimono-style dress as the base. To make it more daytime appropriate, I put a purple long-sleeved tee courtesy of Land's End Canvas on underneath - this is my new favorite thing! I've always thought of layered as place things on top, not so easy when you have wide sleeves! So when I think of wearing a cocktail frock during the day, I usually think of throwing a blazer or cardigan over top... not possible with this dress. But by layering under, I found a new way to dress down my look, huzzah! Along with some Delman riding boots from BlueFly, perfect for taking public transportation, and my purple infinity scarf by Sophia Carlo and I think I looked chic but still office appropriate.
And here is my holiday party look! I swapped out my long sleeved tee for a purple camisole (it was a work party after all!) threw on a rhinestone and chain necklace, layered on the bracelets and threw on my Marc Jacobs misplaced heels for a fun twist! It's the only time men actually want to look at my shoes ;)

Sorry for the time pics, I forgot my camera so I had to take these with my computer's webcam!


Jaimen said...

love that kimono dress!

Janina said...

The "night" shoes are great!

Vyque said...