Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE What to Wear: Hipster Bar

I've already posted some tips on what to wear if you're heading out to a club for NYE, now it's time to share my knowledge on dressing for the hipster NYE!

New Years Eve: Hipster Bar

Hipsters love their dance parties, but make no mistake - this is nothing like dressing to go to an actual dance club! This isn't about looking like a sexy starlet, it's all about looking cool without trying too hard. Which of course, takes way more effort :P

While really anything can go, it is New Years Eve so why not dress up a little? A collared shift dress with some festive embellishment is a perfect balance between glam and too cool! But I would lean towards wearing some flats instead of tall heels, like these chic oxfords. Add on a hat (preferably mens-inspired) over messy hair and a retro faux fur wrap to complete the look! I would again go for a mini crossbody bag, though - they're just so perfect for dancing!