Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Screw You, Resort

I adore all things fashion, with one MAJOR exception. I absolutely hate you, resort.

This is not where my mind is right now... please come back in five months!
As the temperature outside drops to near freezing levels, you start popping up in fashion magazines. Created by evil upscale store wishing to sell collections to their most affluent customers who spent January in locales such as the Cayman Islands or the like, you have no place in the average woman's fashion cycle. Instead of flowy caftans and strappy sandals, I'm currently shopping for warm coats and scarves! Even if I was thinking ahead four months I still would be looking for lightweight jackets and sweaters, not bikinis! I don't know about you guys, but it makes me feel kinda crappy that I'm not wintering in Antigua!
Karlie Kloss in NOVEMBER Vogue
Let's start a movement here and now, to create a new season: Pre-Spring. It will feature citrus jackets and blue wool pants ... fuschia chiffon blouses layered under white sweaters ... surfer-inspired dresses paired with leather jackets and  over the knee boots... heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of resort could work as "pre-spring" if styled with winter items... but I still say down with resort and its antiquated implications!