Friday, December 02, 2011

Shopping for the Debutante Divorcee

Now that I'm officially in my 30s, I've found that many of the women I've known to get married in their mid-20s are now getting divorced. It's a sad fact of life that a few years after the first wave of weddings in your life, there will be a (hopefully smaller) wave of divorces. So what do you buy a friend who is newly single and ready to mingle these holidays?
  • Nice loungewear. She's probably tossed out his boxers and tees she's sleep in, and has mostly ratty tanks and sweatpants left in her dresser. You don't need to gift her with some crotchless panties, but some silk pajama bottoms or a lace trim robe are functional yet subtly sexy!
  • New makeup. When you're married for awhile you can get stuck in a look rut, but once you go back on the market you want to feel fresh and maybe take a risk or two! A new makeup palette in a pretty case is a great way to play around with a new look without having to commit to anything!
  • Comfy yet cute going out shoes. When you're single you often spend more time at bars and clubs, usually standing! So probably has some of her old going out heels in the back of the closet, but we're all older and less tolerant to pain now :P A pair of Cole Haan pumps for girls' nights out and first dates are just the thing she needs!
  • Perfume set. Smells are known to evoke strong memories, something she may not want at the moment. Help her pick a new signature scent with a sampler gift set! Any woman would love a set of Chanel perfumes, but you can check all many options at Sephora as well!
  • Tool Set for Women. This is a fashion blog so I usually try to focus really hard on clothing, accessories and beauty. But usually tools in a house are the man's and a newly single woman really needs some of her own! Apollo makes some pink tools that fund breast cancer research!
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