Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vyque's Hair Escapades

As I grew up I was lucky enough to get my hair cut by my aunt, who was a senior hair dresser at the local Red Door Salon. Its length was almost always about chest length, though once up to the chin... only to immediately be in the state of growing out. As for color, I never had any salon work done though I did dabble in Manic Panic and drugstore color in a box.

My hair usually looked like this. And yes, I used to have my eyebrow pierced because I am tote badass!
Once I went to college, I stopped having my aunt cut my hair and started hitting up a real salon - got me some highlights and everything! But then I graduated and something strange happened... I lost my hair fear!
Pretty much the shortest my hair ever was! 
Hello pixie cut! I must say chopping off 11 inches for the first time was a little scary, bit totally liberating! Showering took five seconds, styling even less and I often cut my own hair so I didn't have to go in for a trim every four weeks. I adored my short hair, which made me feel fun and fearless! And if you thought that was brave...
Again, I am obviously badass!
Why hello faux hawk! As you can see, I started very much enjoying playing with my hair once I stopped using it to feel glam & feminine.
I gaze into your soul!
I kept my hair short for a pretty long time, perhaps 2-3 years, but eventually I craved more change! So I grew it into a banged, chin length bob which I also very much loved. But I found that having a short bob made me want to be able to pull my hair back! So I continued to grow it out with my bangs for awhile and threw in some red highlights for funsies. Then I found myself hooked on Japanese hair straightening!
So shiny and smooth!!
I had always had coarse, kinda frizzy hair, but while my hair was super short and I got older it seemed to get much worse! I didn't really know how to handle it so I started getting my hair straightened one a year. I stopped coloring it since I was worried about over damaging it and had that swingy shiny hair that I saw on tv. Sure it had no body, but I didn't really mind and it was tres easy to deal with! But eventually I found it was hard to properly straighten my roots - I kept getting weird creases in my hair! So I decided to figure out how to deal with the curl... turns out I have natural beach waves!
Remember this outfit post from the summer?
I was engaged at this point so kept growing out my hair for my wedding, and decided to add in some purple highlights! After all, medium to long hair had begun to feel somewhat boring and I really needed to spice things up! Yes I kept the purple for the big day :) But just a three days after saying "I do"...
Snippy snippy again!
I chopped off my hair! Since I finally understood my hair's texture, I went for a wavy bob similar to when Scarlett Johanasson cut all her hair off. I literally kept a picture of her hair in my jewelry box for nine months, I just couldn't wait to cut my hair post-wedding! But then I had a completely random impulse just last week.
Do blondes have more fun?
Yup, I went to my amazing hair dresser for the past four years or so and demanded she turn me into a blonde! Luckily she's pretty confident in my commitment to my whims and turned this out. I admit I had this impulse a few year ago and a few of my friends talked me out of it, but I really hadn't thought about it again until now.

Some of my friends tried to talk me out of it again, but I decided to ignore them this time. Why? I know that I still look cute, but that blonde isn't going to be the most flattering color on me. I was born with dark hair for a reason after all! But trying to look the best I possibly can be doesn't at all drive my hair choices - everything I do is for fun and to throw people for a loop! All I can think about is how Cindy Crawford found a look that really worked for her three decades ago and hasn't changed since... doesn't that sound awful to you?

After all, hair will grow out, but being a risk-taking, blonde Asian will forever be an awesome memory! HUGE thanks to Sylvia at Noufal Haircolor Studio for making me look awesome per usual! The only place I'll go in the DC Metro to get my hair done - I must recommend checking the salon out if you're only meh about your current stylist!


k said...

ahaha, love your sense of adventure!

Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

Love the blonde, what a fun way to bring in the new year!

WendyB said...

Super-fun post, love seeing all your styles and your bold new look!

meteee said...

ove your sense of adventure

The Esocialite said...

Love seeing your hair evolution!

Alyssa said...

Good thing you follow your own path and pay no attention to those lame nay-saying friends of yours ;-)