Thursday, January 05, 2012

H&M To Launch Plus Size Collection... In Europe

Some kinda awesome news with a disappointing end: H&M is launching a plus-size collection called Inclusive that will only be available online. Unfortunately you can only shop H&M online in Europe, leaving out all us in the States.

Technically it isn't a plus size collection, as pieces will go from UK sized 32-54, or US 0-20, but since they're included (Inclusive... I get it!) and usually not that's what everyone is focusing on. Colorful, feminine and with a figure-flattering retro appeal, expect many of these pieces to show up on eBay in the near future!!

Dear H&M, set up some e-commerce for us over here, why don't you?!?!?


Alex said...

I'm setting up an alert right now!!