Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspiration Board: Shorts Suits

It feels way to early to start thinking about warm weather, particularly with ice on the ground here in DC! But I just couldn't stop thinking about shorts suits so...

At least it's nice to dream about warm weather!! And for the first time ever I've stopped thinking of shorts suits as impractical - no I haven't taken a new job with a super lax dress code, but I have started to think a shorts suit can be cute for the weekend!! But how to wear one?

First of all, do not go for tight, booty shorts! A shorts suit look best when somewhat slouchy, contrasting the feminine gams with the menswear inspiration. But your shoe options are somewhat limitless, a shorts suit will look good with stiletto sandals or ballet flats or ankle boots! Finally, after much internal debate I have decided that yes, you can wear a shorts suit now with tights. And if the shorts are long enough, the addition of tights may make them work appropriate, depending on your office.

Mens' shorts suits? Still a no in my book!