Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My 2012 Style Resolutions

As I just mentioned, my Style Challenge evolved from a New Years resolution to push my personal style! Over the past two years I've managed to really get a handle on mix and matching color and prints, accessorizing more heavily - especially layering on the jewelry! - and really just being more consistent with my style and look!  It's funny to look back and see bare wrists and fingers, untucked tops and black after black after black. But looking at 2011 I see bright skirts and pants and a sudden insurgence of fitted tailoring!

Vyque from 2010 has nothing in common with Vyque now... except a fabulous taste in tights!
I'm very happy with the evolution of my look, but I'm also excited to find new ways to challenge myself. Now in the middle of 2010 I looked back over my outfit posts and gave myself a few more rules but I didn't really note anything official for 2011. Well I did tell myself to wear more lipstick and I totally did, hooray! But I have big plans for 2012: be totally awesome!! To get to totally awesome, I could waft about aimlessly and hope for the best... this did work out super well for 2011! But I'm already pretty awesome, so getting even more so may be more difficult ;) I think it would definitely help me and be a good challenge to set some new fashion rules to follow!
  • Try more layers - I've found that I am drawn to a more form fitting silhouette that makes the most sense on my petite, curvy frame. But perhaps I can still rock multiple layers? Surely a cami under a blouse under a vest? I foresee many belt purchases in 2012!
  • Get loose - In that vein, maybe I don't always need to highlight my waist! I have noted many a time that loose with curves usually ends up frumpy and loose with short usually ends up shorter. But let's try some more boxy sweaters, slouchy tops and peg leg pants! What better way to get all ManRepeller-esque?
  • Don't rely on color or prints. Over the past year I found it easy to craft visually stimulating outfits with bold colors (like here and here) and crazy mixed prints (like here and here and here)! You know what's actually much harder? Creating an "outfit post worthy" look in neutrals! I'm still not sure it's actually possible, but I'm sure willing to try!
  • No more than two "I just bought this" outfit posts per month. I cut way down on my shopping in 2011, but I still do't get inspired by all the fabulous clothing I already have. I need to change that ASAP, so I need to limit my outfit posts triggered by buying something new. Time to work shop my closet and start remixing!
  • If I don't incorporate a piece of clothing I currently own in an outfit post this year, I need to donate it at the end of the year... oh my god, can I really do this? Not my babies!
So these are my fashion goals rules for 2012!! What are yours?


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good luck - that last one is a doozy!!