Thursday, February 16, 2012

Betsey Johnson F/W '12

You know me - super huge fan of Betsey Johnson every season, her shows are always so much fun! Of course it's a little different when you sit in a squashed photographer pit, but once the show started I forgot my legs were numb and my back hurt and just enjoyed myself.

Betsey usually doesn't heavily follow trends and produces items that you can tell make her happy, probably why she's done so well for so long. But I would say her collection this season fell along the lines of London '60s Mod with a Betsey twist!
Lots of houndstooth and plaid worked in, colored tights, and bright pinks! I was most amused by a skeleton embellished dress, and I think Betsey's daughter closed the show in a silky pink gown.
Betsey herself did her now signature cartwheel landing in the splits... I have zero idea how she does that, she's gotta be past 60 now, right?

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