Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fashion Dog: Lucy of A Lacey Perspective

Next in my fashion dog series is Lucy of A Lacey Perspective by Lacey, one of the best DC style blogs and co-founder of CapFabb! Princess Lucille Zoey, also known as Pig, Stinky, and Miss Piggy, is a 10-year-old pug given to Lacey on her sweet 16!

Describe a day in the life of Lucy...
A day in the life of Lucy is simple...

Wake up with mom and watch her get ready for work. Once she is gone find my fav spot on the couch on top of the big pile of pillows (mom calls me her mountain climber pug). Take a nice long nap. Wake up play with my stuffed pig toys for 5 minutes. Go back to sleep.

Wake up when mom walks in and run many, many circle. Go take a quick sip of water. Snuggle (AKA. sit directly on her lap) with her on the couch and watch any of 'The Housewives' on Bravo. While she sips on her wine, I wait for one of the Housewives' dogs to appear on the screen (this is the best part) and keep an eye on dad in the kitchen while he cooks dinner.

I can only take so much 'Housewives' so then I go into the kitchen and wait for dad to drop some food (it happens now and again... don't judge). Then I watch them eat dinner.

Once they are done eating dinner, we as a family watch John Stewart and Steven Colbert. Then off to bed (my fav part of the day).
Does your mommy ever dress you up?
Rarely. If it gets cold out she'll put on my turtleneck or puffer coat (which I am a fan of neither). Oh... and once she put antlers on me for her Ugly Sweater Christmas Party and proceeded to call me her "Christmas Pug" after several glasses of wine.

If you could have one designer make dog clothing, who would it be?
I'm a girly, quirky pug - I would probably go with Kate Spade.

What's your fave place to get dog gear?
Mom's more of an online shopper. She has found some fun stuff on something called... Etsy?
If you could sink your teeth into one pair of shoes this season, which ones would you pick?
Christopher Kane's Two Tone Platform Wedges - Pretty neon colors to look at and good, thick leather to gnaw on.

Let me know you if know of a fashion dog who needs to be interviewed next!