Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Leather Shorts: Now & Later

If you followed my advice last fall, you probably own a pair o f leather shorts! But now that it's an unseasonably warm winter, how will we wear them now and how will wear them when it's even warmer out??

Leather Shorts: Winter

Hooray leather shorts in the winter! Pretty easy, add some tights and some spring trends like a mesh sweater and royal blue booties and, of course, warm accessories like a furry vest, wool hat and a maxi coat!

Spring time is probably a harder time to think about leather, especially in the mid-Atlantic region where it gets warm and sticky surprisingly fast. But I think we all know leather shorts aren't cheap so we'll made them work year-round!!!

Leather Short: Spring

I would rock a spring trend you probably don't want to start wearing now - the crop top! Now leather shorts and a crop top need to be toned down a bit, so thrown on a light cardigan and wear flats, like the current fave, the slipper!

How will you be rocking leather shorts now and later?