Saturday, February 11, 2012

Libertine F/W '12

Libertine is one of the super fun shows with bold looks and an upbeat attitude! A helping of avant-garde, a dash of irony and more than a little street, the label is always popular with the downtown cool kids who like to stand out!

This season was blinged out, with sequins and embellishments and studded paillettes, contrasted with the plaids, wools and tweeds they were on! It made for a Brooks Brothers went to a rave collection... hells yeah!
The shoes were a glittery mixed print bonanza of fun! I so badly wanted to tear a pair from the models' feet, but somehow I managed to keep control. I wonder if they're a feasible DIY project!
The models all danced around the runway after the show! Here are all my pics:

I got video of the models dancing, though it's a touch shakey, especially when I think to grab my camera!