Monday, February 06, 2012

Mixing Prints in Real Life

"Anyone can mix prints, just pick & follow a unifying color!" Yeah, you've heard it, even from me! But let's face it, the average woman is not interested in spending more than 30 minutes getting dressed in the morning or repelling men. I think many in the fashion industry (including bloggers) forget that jeans and a tee is the weekend uniform for 90% of this country!

So how do you try mixing prints in real life? There's a surprising answer: be subtle. I know you probably think subtly mixed prints is an oxymoron, but actually I've found that it's as easy as wearing one print article of clothing and one printed accessory, whether it's a belt, scarf, purse or shoes! You can pick a unifying color or mix one colored print with a black & white one - I suppose what you'd call a "neutral print."

Here are three looks that are "mixed prints lite" and perfect for the woman that likes to look fashionable without obsessing over it!