Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Style Challenge: Dressed by Drunk Monkeys

I had a cute cropped tee planned to pair with my leather leggings. But the pants are a bit too loose and I forgot I have to fold over the waistband - not very cute. So I had nothing left to pair with them except suitcase leftovers, and I figured, 'If I can't look cute I might as well look insane!' Thus this rediculous look was born!

I like to dress to amuse myself, as you can tell. This is probably the most "man repellant" I've ever looked, hurray!

And yes, I'm knocking on the pipe, I saw in the corner and immediately started singing that old Tony Orlando song, "Oh my darlin knock three times on the ceiling if you want me mmmm twice on the pipe if the answer is no..."
I'm wearing: Sleeveless tiger sweater from Goodwill, breton tee from Guess, The Row leather leggings, shoes by Rag & Bone, hat from ASOS, collar cut off an old blouse with studs added as a PS I Made This event, chain bracelet from ideeli, and silver from H&M.